A big Viking thank you! ?>

A big Viking thank you!

Out now in Kindle and print Our Vikings made landfall on 14 July, and for a glorious while, we were true conquerors – number #1 on the Amazon Viking romance e-book list! There’s proof below – see? Since then, we’ve fluctuated between #2 and #10 – which is awesome for an independently-published book. The contributors to this volume – all 13 of us, including our indefatigable editor, Delilah Devlin – did our own promo for the release. But we had…

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Alpha ! ?>

Alpha !

#2 in Viking Romance! 13 sizzling short stories! 5 star reviews! Grab it while it’s still 99 cents! (FREE on Kindle Unlimited)

What readers are saying… ?>

What readers are saying…

Thanks to everyone who has purchased the book! I hope you’re enjoying the ride! If you haven’t bought your copy yet, check out what other readers are saying… “A fantastic anthology! All of the stories were rich, descriptive, and so hot! I literally enjoyed all of them! I love a gorgeous, strong and wild viking! And the heroines were strong amazing women as well. Truly good stuff!” ~Twyla “If your idea of a perfect romance has a strong alpha hero,…

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CONQUESTS is here! ?>

CONQUESTS is here!

This anthology was a pure labor of love. I adore Vikings. Read the introduction I wrote for the book below, and you’ll know why. Congratulations to all the contributing authors! Thanks for trusting me with your stories! Readers, I hope you enjoy it. There’s variety in settings and characters—despite the fact every story has a Viking hero! I think you’ll be surprised! And if you have time after reading it, we’d really appreciate your taking the time to review it…

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1 Day: Sweet Silk by Megan Mitcham ?>

1 Day: Sweet Silk by Megan Mitcham

Kroan, a warrior turned merchant ship owner and captain, is the first Viking I’ve ever written. Whew! I have to say, I’ve been missing out! Thick, bare chests strapped with leather and a battle axe. I mean, what have I been waiting for? Here’s a snippet from my contribution to Conquests, Sweet Silk. The Persian Empire, the North African coast, 820 AD **** “PARDON, MY LADY. I am in need of silk, and I’m told you have the finest in…

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2 Days: There For The Taking by Nym Nix ?>

2 Days: There For The Taking by Nym Nix

One of the perks to being a contributor to an anthology like this is getting to devour the other stories before everyone else, and reading those has been FUN. This anthology does what it says on the box: it smolders. And one thing I have loved about these stories (there’s lots of others) is how there’s plenty of women who are a match for their men in strength and spirit. That was the theme I wanted to explore with my story. Captured…

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3 Days: Ásgeirr and the Tree of Life by Mina Murray ?>

3 Days: Ásgeirr and the Tree of Life by Mina Murray

Only 3 days until the Vikings land – how exciting! I hope you’ve been enjoying our countdown, and the teasing little excerpts we’ve given you. I certainly have. Even if I’ve had to retreat to a cool, dark corner and fan myself to put out the flames… But on to business. Or perhaps I should say pleasure? Writing my story, “Ásgeirr and the Tree of Life”, was a pleasure from beginning to end. Most of my published stories are contemporaries,…

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